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Tips for Handling Clogged Drains

You’ve been going at it for a while with the plunger, but whatever is clogging that drain in your kitchen or bathroom is refusing to budge. This is a highly frustrating situation that we encounter in homes all over Columbia, SC. Thankfully, we can also offer the solution to the problem.

Clogged drains aren’t uncommon, but sometimes they do take more than just some elbow grease to clear. But before you go get that chemical drain cleaner, hear us out. We’ve provided you with a quick guide to walk you through this process and give you the long-term fix you want.

Make sure everyone knows not to use the clogged drain

First things first, let’s make sure not to make the issue worse! Adding more water or debris to the drain that is having trouble will only increase the issue, not clear it.

Leave the chemical drain cleaner at the store

Chemical drain cleaners are supposed to offer a quick and easy solution to your drain clogs. The reality is the opposite. Many drain cleaners are going to help with certain clog-causers, but they won’t address all of them. That means that, even if the chemical solution gets things flowing again now, it won’t solve the problem long-term.

What’s more, chemical drain cleaner is more likely to cause damage to your drain pipes that will lead to leaks and an early replacement. At the end of the day, it is best to simply leave the chemicals at the store.

Get drain cleaning services scheduled ASAP

The best solution for a clogged drain is to schedule drain cleaning services! Using specialized tools, we can clear away whatever is blocking your drain, solving the problem. On top of that, we will be able to get rid of any extra debris that could potentially cause another clog in a short amount of time.

We are happy to provide drain cleaning in Columbia, SC that can effectively deal with clogs in your kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, shower, and more.

Learn how to avoid frequent clogs in the future

Drain cleaning is going to help prevent clogs from coming back anytime soon, which is great! With that said, every ounce of prevention helps. Here are some great ways to prevent a good amount of build-up from getting into your drains to cause problems:

  • Keep fats, oils, and grease out of the drains.
  • Toss out coffee grounds, rice, and egg shells rather than trying to wash them away
  • Add a grate or netting over the drain to capture hair and/or food debris and more easily keep it out of the drain.
  • Schedule maintenance for your plumbing system to help prevent clogs from building up.

When you need help getting your drains cleared from a clog, it is best to get the help of a professional plumber to address the problem. Our plumbing pros are here to help when you encounter plumbing issues like these and any others.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling to solve your drain clogs or any other plumbing problems.

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