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5 Signs of Water Leaks in Your Home


Water leak detection is a service that few people know about until they’ve discovered a water leak in their home. This is a preventative service that professional plumbers like us offer to homeowners. Using special equipment such as sonic listening equipment, to methods such as thermal imaging, we can detect leaks in your home that haven’t left a visible mark anywhere. 

So how do you know if you need water leak detection services? Although leaks can be tricky to discover, there are some signs that you can be on the lookout for. From the sound of running water that can’t be pinpointed, to a sharp increase in your water bills, here are five signs that you may have a water leak somewhere in your home.

1. A Sharp Increase in Water Bills

Checking your monthly water bills (and water usage) is a great way to be alerted about a potential leak. When an undisclosed leak is in a home, this increase in water usage can show up on your utility bills. You may notice a drastic increase or a steady incline. Keeping track of your water bill is a great way to try and stay ahead of potential leaks.

2. The Smell of Mold and Mildew 

Does your home smell musty or mildewy despite how often you clean? Are you unable to pinpoint the source of the smell? Perhaps you’ve noticed areas of your home that are susceptible to mold growth. 

These can all be signs of a water leak. Even leaks that are located somewhere deep in your plumbing system can increase your home’s humidity levels. And a moist, humid environment is perfect for mold growth to flourish. 

3. Excessive Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation

Noticing superficial cracks in your home shouldn’t be anything to be too concerned about when you live in an older home and there’s a small number of visible cracks. It’s only concerning if your home has an excessive number of cracks for no obvious reason. This can be a sign of a slab leak beneath your home’s foundation. Slab leaks are serious and can result in extensive water damage the longer it goes undetected.

4. Visible Water Damage

When a leak goes unnoticed for too long, water can accumulate in unlikely spots. For example, you may notice water stains or warm areas on a part of the floor, ceiling, or walls. You may also notice warped or buckling floorboards, loose floor or kitchen tiles, an area of the ceiling that’s sagging, and peeling paint or wallpaper. 

5. The Sound of Running Water

Has a family member or visitor asked if you can hear the sound of water running when no water is running in your home? The faint sound of the trickle of water is a sign of a leak. When you can’t account for the noise through usage, this is something that should be checked out promptly. 

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