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4 Silent Signs You Need Heating Repair


When your heating system is in need of heating repair, it’ll often let you know in a way that’s easy to detect. Loud and unusual noises from your heating system can be alarming, but they’re also a helpful sign that something is amiss.

The silent signs that your heating system needs repair can be harder to recognize. Subtle signs such as a slow increase in your utility costs and an odd flame color can sneak up on you but need professional attention. Let’s go over four silent signs you need heating repair.

1. Short Cycling

Short cycling isn’t exactly “quiet” because you’ll hear your heating system running more often than usual. Short cycling occurs when your heating system turns on and off frequently without completing a heating cycle. 

It can be hard to detect if you’re not really paying attention to how often it’s running. Short cycling is extremely hard on your heating system because startup uses the most power. Not only that, your home won’t be sufficiently heated. These are reason enough to call for prompt heating repair. 

2. Burner Flame Color

Do you own a gas furnace? Making sure your gas furnace is operating safely is something we check on a yearly maintenance visit. Without proper tune-ups, a common issue is when the gas burners accumulate dirt and grime due to a lack of cleaning which poses a potential silent safety hazard.

The flame in your gas furnace should be steady and blue. If the burners are dirty, the flame will appear yellow. This color indicates that the gas isn’t burning off completely. That means your furnace isn’t heating to its potential, and that the carbon monoxide (CO) produced by a gas furnace isn’t possibly being vented safely. If you own a gas furnace, you should check the flame color regularly and have CO alarms installed throughout your home.

3. Cold Spots

Most homeowners know if their homes have cold spots in certain rooms of the house. The easy thing to do is to avoid those areas or put on an extra layer of clothing when you’re in them. But cold spots—or even worse, rooms that don’t receive adequate heating—are a sign that your heating system needs professional attention.

4. Increased Utility Bills

There are many things that can cause your utility bills to rise. A bout of unusually cold weather, out-of-town visitors who cause you to increase the temperature, and of course fluctuating fuel prices. But if the increase can’t be accounted for by any other means, sometimes it’s an efficiency issue. 

The first thing to check is the heating system’s blower filter. If it hasn’t been changed recently, change it to see if that makes a difference. If not, and your heating system is old and outdated, it could be that the age of the system has made its efficiency decline sharply. Give us a call to troubleshoot why your heating system is costing you too much money.

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