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What to Do if Your Electric Bills Have Been Climbing Every Summer and You Don’t Know Why

Cooling your home with a whole-house air conditioning system is a must when you live in as hot and humid a climate as we do. However, you also shouldn’t be draining your bank account to do so effectively. No, we can’t help you to cool your home for free. We have some tips to help you figure out why your system is so inefficient, though.

If you’ve been shocked at the amount that you are paying in electricity bills the past few summers, consider the following information. These are just a few of the reasons as to why your system’s efficiency may be slipping. Contact us with any questions that you may have.

Check Your Maintenance Records

Life can be quite hectic, especially in the summer season when school is out and the mind cannot help but to wander. It is possible that you overlooked a maintenance service, and this may be the root cause of your system’s energy guzzling issue. It doesn’t take long for the effects of insufficient maintenance practices to start manifesting.

Have Your Insulation Evaluated

You cannot see most of the insulation in your home, so it is not as though you can really just give it a visual inspection in order to determine if it is in great condition still. Your insulation may suffer in a few different ways, including being damaged by water exposure or torn up by pests. Whatever the case, its slow deterioration can certainly play a role in driving up your cooling costs.

Take Stock of Your HVAC Equipment

Sometimes, you have to spend money to save money. If your air conditioner is quite old, you may want to replace it with a newer models. Even the best air conditioners are going to slip in the efficiency department over time. You may also want to consider the use of an energy recovery ventilator.

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