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Uh Oh: Avoiding Unexpected AC Replacements

red-thermometerWe know that homeowners really want to get the best return possible on the investments that they make. Not only do we know this, but we understand it entirely. It is not as though most of us have the cash laying around to just go out and buy a new HVAC system at a moment’s notice, after all. That being said, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about getting the best return possible—and running your system into the ground is the wrong way.

When it comes to an AC replacement, you need to be working with skilled Irmo, SC HVAC professionals. You also need to be working with them at all the right times. You may assume that waiting until your AC has broken down entirely is the way to go, but that only leaves you vulnerable to unexpected breakdowns. In order to avoid these issues, keep the following tips in mind.

Remember that Maintenance Is a Must

You’ve probably seen us talk about how important routine maintenance is in keeping your air conditioner functioning properly and reliably. If you’ve visited this blog or explored our site, in fact, this is all but guaranteed. That doesn’t mean that the information is not worth sharing again, though. Routine air conditioning maintenance is a necessity.

The thorough tune-up that your air conditioner receives when you schedule annual maintenance is going to help keep it in peak working condition. Not only that, but it also gives your air conditioning maintenance technician the chance to uncover any existing or developing problems with your AC before they have time to do serious damage. That means that you could gain valuable insight regarding replacement needs through the maintenance process.

Only Skilled Professionals Can Repair Your AC

Everyone knows a guy, or knows a guy that knows a guy, or—well, you get it. The fact of the matter is that air conditioning repairs are not a job for a general handyman or woman, though. There are a lot of skilled DIY enthusiasts out there, but if your air conditioner is not functioning properly, you really need to put down the toolbox,  pick up the phone, and schedule any necessary repairs with a member of our team.

Not only do you risk doing more damage to your air conditioner if you leave it in unqualified hands, but you risk only treating the symptoms of a problem rather than the core problem itself. That means that you may think everything is back to normal, while your air conditioner is actually inching closer and closer to a breakdown. And if a warranty is voided due to your service choices, then a replacement may actually be your best bet.

No Problem Is “Minor” Enough to Ignore!

A lot of times, seemingly “minor” problems leave homeowners in the lurch when they’ve been given the time necessary to do major damage to the system. While this won’t always result in the need for a full replacement, it is definitely possible—such as if a compressor is seriously damaged due to running with a low refrigerant charge.

Don’t take chances. Make your system last by following these guidelines.

Oh, and leave your AC services to Fulmer Heating & Cooling!

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