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5 Signs of a Struggling Air Conditioner


Summer may be wrapping up according to the calendar, but things won’t be cooling off here for a while yet. Sure, we will get some cooler temperatures, but we still have several weeks until that happens. Until things change, we need to be able to keep our homes comfortably cool—and that’s hard to do if your air conditioner is malfunctioning.

With fall around the corner, it is important to remember that you should still pay some attention to your air conditioner, even if you are starting to use it less. Any issues that are going to pop up usually do so around this time, after all. If your system is struggling, you need to schedule an air conditioning repair in Columbia, SC before you even start to think about your heater.

How to Tell Your AC Is Struggling

Here are some warning signs that will let you know it is time to schedule air conditioning system repairs with the professionals on our team.

  1. It is making odd noises: If you feel like there has been something that sounds wrong with your air conditioner, chances are you may be right. There are plenty of sounds your system is not supposed to make. These include rattling, clanging, hissing, screeching, buzzing, or humming. Hearing any of these noises means it is time to call in the pros to check your system.
  2. It is producing weak airflow: Running your air conditioner means that you should be getting a strong and steady flow of cold air. Perhaps the temperature is not the problem, but instead the strength of the airflow in the home. If your system cannot produce adequate air flow, you aren’t going to be able to cool off. Make sure to have a technician check your system to see what might be causing this problem. 
  3. It barely cools the air: Noticing you aren’t as cool as you were earlier in the season? Your AC may have a problem that is causing it trouble with the cooling process. This causes more stress for your system and more discomfort for you.
  4. It is short cycling: Short cycling refers to when your system can’t complete a full cooling cycle. Instead, it turns on for a few brief minutes and shuts back off before it can make any impact on the indoor temperatures. As you can imagine, short cycling is terrible for your air conditioner and your home comfort, which is why it requires prompt repairs.
  5. Your energy bills are too high: Make sure to keep a close eye on your energy bills. If you are noticing large spikes in your energy consumption that don’t match your AC use, then it may be a sign that your system is struggling. An air conditioner in need of repairs is more likely to use extra energy to attempt to do its job.

The Best Way to Help? Schedule Expert Repairs

If your air conditioner is having problems, even at the end of the cooling season, schedule professional repairs. Don’t leave these issues to compound and worsen. Save yourself trouble, time, and money by scheduling AC repairs today.

Need an expert to fix up your AC unit? Contact the team at Fulmer Heating & Cooling to make an appointment.

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