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Repairing Your Geothermal Heating System

Monday, November 18th, 2019

You got the keys to your new home and have begun moving in. You are excited and have plenty to do. But when the temperatures drop you realize it is time to turn on the heater in your new home. You do and you notice that it doesn’t seem to be working quite right, so you call your local technician at Fulmer Heating & Cooling to come over and check out your HVAC in Irmo, SC.

When they mention that your geothermal heating system needs repairs, you become confused. What is a geothermal system and how would someone even fix it?

Not to worry, because we have the answers for you that will get you acquainted with this fantastic heating system. Even better, we can get you connected with a professional technician who will provide efficient maintenance and care for your geothermal system for years to come.

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Geothermal Heating: Some Factors to Consider

Monday, October 24th, 2016

We’ve certainly made no secret of our enthusiasm for geothermal technology here on this blog. We live in a great environment for the use of heat pumps, and ground-source heat pumps take the benefits of using heat pump technology to their limits. That being said, the installation of a geothermal heating (and cooling) system is a big undertaking. If you’re thinking about using geothermal heating in Columbia, SC, here are some factors to consider. 

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