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3 Signs Your Main Water Line Needs Help


Did you know that one of the most important parts of your residential plumbing system lies outside of your house? We’re talking about your home’s main water line. This pipe is responsible for bringing fresh water into your home from the municipal system. 

This pipe is buried within your property and doesn’t get any attention until it springs a leak or breaks. Issues can occur when the pipe material degrades due to age. Pipes from before the 1980s were often made from clay or galvanized steel which will decay over time. 

Modern water lines are made from sturdier materials which are resistant to the corrosion that plagues older piping materials. If your main water line is old or incurs damage for some reason, you should be aware of these three signs that you may need water line repair to fix the main water line to your house.

1. Drop in Water Pressure 

A drop in water pressure from a single tap or showerhead is something that’ll happen now and then. However, if you notice a decrease in water pressure throughout your entire home, this could be caused by an issue with the main water line. 

Because this line supplies all the water to your home, if it breaks or develops a leak, your home won’t have a sufficient supply of water. Main water lines can incur damage due to something as simple as the ground shifting or settling.

2. Damage or Water on Your Property

Because the main water line is buried underneath your property, when it becomes damaged and leaks, you’ll eventually see the ramifications of excess water throughout your property. This can appear in your driveway, a walkway, on a patio, or in the yard. 

The hardscape of your property includes concrete patios and walkways. If these were built over the main water line, you’ll notice cracks and damage from the pressure of the leaking water rising beneath them.

If the main water line runs under your lawn or landscaping, you’ll notice the signs of a leak by puddles of water where they shouldn’t be. This is the result of the leaking water bubbling up through the surface of the ground and causing areas of standing water that could range from small puddles to your entire yard flooding.

3. Water on the Street

Your home’s main water line also extends into the main street. A leak can result in water bubbling up through the sidewalk or street in front of your home. If you ever see water appearing on the walkways or the street right in front of your home that can’t be accounted for by any other reason such as heavy rain, call us for help right away. 

The best way to avoid main water line issues is through main water line service with our experienced technicians. We can inspect your main water line and determine if it’s a candidate for water line repair or replacement.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling today for main water line repairs in Columbia, SC!

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