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Why Are Leaky Ducts Such a Problem?

ductWhat do you think of when you think of problems with your HVAC systems? A heater that is blowing cool air into your living space when the weather outside is at the lowest temps of the year? An air conditioner that keeps shutting down before it has even begun to effectively cool your home? There is no doubt that such problems are serious. There are other serious problems, however, that are not so immediately obvious. This is the case with leaky ducts.

Now, leaky air ducts are going to exhibit a number of different symptoms. It is up to the homeowner,  though, to not only recognize these symptoms, but to understand that they are the result of a problem that can be resolved. Do not settle for a subpar heating or cooling experience, just because you think it is the way your system operates. Read on to learn more about how leaky ductwork can affect you, your HVAC systems, and your comfort, and contact us with any concerns that you have. 

Okay, What Types of Problems Are We Looking At?

Quite a few, actually. But because money talks, let’s start right off with the financial concern. If your air ducts are leaking, there is absolutely no way in which you can hope to heat or cool your home as efficiently as you should be able to. When air ducts leak, you are allowing for a level of heat transfer that is really going to impede your system’s overall efficiency.

Remember that a lot of your air ducts probably run through unconditioned spaces of your home, so it is not even a matter of heated air leaking out of the system—or heat entering the system—in places where it may still do some good. If your ducts pass through an attic and it is the peak of summer, that heat is going to force its way in and will wind up warming your home. That is going to leave you paying more for lesser comfort.

Consider too the strain that this puts on your system. Leaky ductwork can actually be a major contributor to AC and heater damages. The harder that your system has to work to do its job, the more wear and tear it will accrue. That wear and tear can definitely lead to trouble over time. Plus, your indoor air quality is going to suffer!

It’s not just a matter of heat getting into or out of your air ducts. It’s about inviting pollutants into the system, as well. Once they get into your ductwork, those ducts themselves can be responsible for distributing those pollutants throughout your home. That can lead to aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms, and even illness. By scheduling duct sealing in Lexington with the professional IAQ technicians on our team, you can help to keep your home comfortable while also maintaining a healthful environment. Contact us today if you notice any of these symptoms in your home.

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