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Time Is Running Out to Take Advantage of the Geothermal Tax Credit!

We’ve mentioned before how much you stand to save by taking advantage of the geothermal tax credit currently available on new system installations. If you have been thinking about scheduling a geothermal installation in Columbia, SC, but still have not gotten around to it, now really is the time to ask. Come the new year, which is really just around the corner at this point, the 30% federal tax credit will be history.

We know that this is not the type of decision you can rush into, of course. We also know how much homeowners can benefit from this type of installation, though. That is why we’ll quickly run through some of the best benefits that a geothermal heating and cooling system has to offer.

  • Versatility. There was a time when homeowners would have thought that the ability to both heat and cool their homes with one system was just too good to be true. Geothermal technology has been around for some time, now, but has only recently become pretty common in residential applications. Enjoy year round comfort with a single HVAC system on your property.
  • Lifespan. Geothermal heating and cooling systems boast very long lifespans. The heat pump itself will generally last around 20 years, while the underground loop system will typically last anywhere from 25-50 years. No HVAC system will last forever, but if you are looking for a long lifespan as a return on your initial investment, a geothermal system is definitely an option to consider.
  • Savings. For many homeowners, the main selling point of the geothermal heat pump, even more than its long lifespan or versatile performance, is the savings. There are monetary savings, as only a small amount of electricity is used in the heating process, and sinking heat into the relatively cool earth is an efficient cooling method. There are also the energy savings themselves to consider, though, which is good for the environment.

Whatever your reasons for choosing geothermal, be sure to schedule your geothermal installation with Fulmer Heating & Cooling now, before the federal tax credit is history.


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