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Don’t Forget About Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filter!

filterIf you’ve checked out our blog previously, or if you have at least perused our website, then you know that we are big advocates for routine air conditioning maintenance. There is no getting around the fact that nothing else comes close when it comes to benefitting your AC in many major ways. While we also advocate against DIY service attempts that could leave your AC worse off than ever, there is one maintenance step that you can take on your own in order to help keep your AC in the best working condition possible.

That is simply changing the air filter in your system. While it may sound trivial, keeping a fresh air filter in your system is actually a vital task that can greatly benefit your AC in and of itself. Not convinced that changing your air filter regularly is worth it? Then be sure to review the following information and to keep it in mind. Once you do, we think you’ll be pretty vigilant in providing your air conditioner in Newberry, SC with fresh filters moving forward.

Yes, Dirty Filters Are Serious Problems

When you blow through a straw, you are probably able to do so without much issue, right? It is not exactly a big strain on your lungs. Even so, you probably realize that attempting to blow through a straw that is clogged up with debris of any kind is going to be harder, right? Well, the same holds true of a clogged air filter.

The air filter in your air conditioning system itself is not really there to boost indoor air quality throughout the house. Its primary function is instead to protect the operational quality of the air conditioning system. When a clogged air filter creates too much airflow resistance for the AC to handle easily, though, a whole host of problems may develop.

  1. Increased cooling costs. If your air conditioner is faced with excessive airflow resistance due to a clogged air filter, then it only makes sense that you will see your air conditioning costs go up, right? After all, the air conditioner is going to work harder than it should have to in order to force air throughout the system.
  2. Decreased cooling output. What’s worse than overpaying to cool your home? Doing so with diminishing returns! If your air conditioner is faced with a very dirty air filter, less cool air is going to make it into the system. That can lead to uneven — and unimpressive — cooling throughout the house.
  3. Short cycling and other problems. When your air conditioner has to work harder than it normally does to cool the house, it can wind up overheating. When that happens, the system may short cycle. This will cause it to start and stop too frequently, putting serious wear and tear on the system while also wasting considerable energy.

Don’t you think that you deserve to get the best performance that your AC has to offer? We do, which is why we strongly urge you to keep a fresh air filter in your air conditioner.

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