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3 Reasons to Knock Out AC Maintenance Now!

Professional air conditioner maintenance has numerous benefits that just can’t be compared with layman tinkering and fixes. Eventually, you will need a professional to inspect and tune-up your AC unit. Here are the top three reasons to knock out AC maintenance now:

Preventing Costly Repairs and Saving Money

The math is simple. If you do not get regular maintenance for your AC, you will end up needing costly emergency repairs. Routine maintenance allows you to save a lot of money by solving problems before they arise. Skilled technicians are trained to spot these issues that may escape the notice of an untrained eye.

Do not wait for a system failure before calling up a technician! You should schedule a routine maintenance appointment at least twice a year. We recommend a tune-up when summer starts and right before it ends, and you won’t be using the AC as much anymore.

Some other benefits of regular AC maintenance include a lower electricity bill, especially during the summers when the AC is constantly running to maintain the optimum temperature inside your home. You may not even notice when your AC is no longer working efficiently. Your unit may be drawing up extra power to cool the air, which can cost you hundreds of dollars on the utility bills. By investing in AC maintenance, you can save up on much costlier bills.

The Safety of Your Family

Regular AC maintenance makes your home safer and healthier for your loved ones. Wondering how? There are multiple ways in which your health may be adversely affected if you neglect AC maintenance. First, the unit’s efficiency will decrease if you don’t change the air filter in time. Consequently, the filter will not be able to remove harmful particles such as fungal spores and bacteria from the air that flows into your home from the AC unit.

Second, there are chances of carbon monoxide poisoning due to leakages in the system. To keep the air inside your home healthy and safe, you need to ensure that there are no carbon monoxide leaks in the AC system.

Moreover, the health of your family can also be affected if the AC suddenly stops working during the hot summer days. High temperatures in the summers can cause numerous health issues such as dehydration, dizziness, fever, etc.

Extending Your AC System’s Lifespan

Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your AC by several years as it continues to run smoothly with regular touch-ups and minor fixes. You will save several hundred dollars on replacing your AC unit in the long run.

AC maintenance involves lubrication of parts, which reduces friction considerably. It also involves replacing the damaged wires and tightening the electrical connections. These help prevent electrical fires. Other maintenance tasks include unclogging the drain line, checking the refrigerant, checking the fans and doing an overall inspection of all parts of the external and internal AC units.

Overall, both the lifespan and the efficiency of the AC will improve considerably with routine maintenance.

Looking for air conditioning repair in Columbia, SC? Call Fulmer Heating and Cooling and schedule an appointment for top-notch AC maintenance services and excellent long-term plans and schedules.

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