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Is Your Air Conditioner Drying Out the Air in Your Home too Much?

Conventional wisdom tells us that summers tend to be quite humid. That may be true outdoors, and it may also be true that it is, to some degree, the humidity and not the heat itself that is most responsible for your discomfort. The fact remains, though, that the environment within your home may be much different than that outdoors, especially if you are running your whole-house air conditioning system around the clock in order to keep your home cool and comfortable. This can negatively affect your indoor air quality. More specifically, running your air conditioner that consistently can actually wind up drying out the air in your home too much. 

Why Does My AC Do This?

Your air conditioner is responsible for keeping your home comfortable by removing heat from the air within your home. It is not responsible for maintaining great indoor air quality therein, though. When hot air passes over the evaporator coil in your air conditioning system, the refrigerant evaporating in that coil absorbs heat to cool the air. Not only is heat drawn out of the air, though, but moisture is as well. This is just a byproduct of the cooling process.

The issue with this is that recycling the air in your home over and over, re-cooling it as needed, can leave you with very dry air in your home. That is why you may actually need to introduce supplemental humidity into your living space, despite the fact that the air outside may be humid. Using a whole-house humidifier in Chapin, SC allows you to do this very effectively. Not only that, but it allows you to do so with great convenience, and without concern about introducing too much humidity into the air.

A whole-house humidifier must be professionally installed and serviced, of course, so it is advisable that you dial our number if the air in your home is too dry. We’ll help you to achieve and maintain the great indoor air quality that you need. You can even use your whole-house humidifier independently of your AC system.

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