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Experiencing Short Cycling? Here’s What to Do

AC-tools-on-topWe’re reaching the height of summer in Columbia, SC. The weather is hot, the days are long, and the fun that you can have is limitless. We know that you need your air conditioner now more than ever. If your air conditioner is your lifeline on these hot summer nights, it’s a good idea to check in on it every now and then.

Sometimes, you can push the function of your air conditioner into the back of your mind, but it’s important to keep it at the forefront during these months. Any problem that you notice, even if you think it is small and not noteworthy, should be reported to an air conditioning professional to check on. Make sure that you contact our team if you need air conditioning repair in Chapin, SC. We’re the professionals that you can trust to make your home better.

What Is Short Cycling?

You can’t run before you walk, so let’s start with the fundamentals. If you’re reading this article, short cycling is probably a cycle that you’re all too familiar with. You’re experiencing short cycling if you’re noticing your air conditioner turn on, run for a short amount of time, stop suddenly, and then start up again soon after before it can complete its cooling cycle. Short cycling is terrible for your air conditioning system because of all the extra stress it places on the motors and the compressor. This means extra repair needs, a possibly abbreviated system life, and much higher electrical bills.

You might not be moved to leap to the phone and call for help because of this problem. Your air conditioning system probably seems just fine to you. The problem is that this issue quickly snowballs into larger problems.

Why Short Cycling Hurts Your AC

The start up portion of your AC cycle is the most strenuous part of an air conditioning system’s cooling cycle. If your air conditioner starts to short cycle, it means that you’re forcing your air conditioning system to perform this function far too often. This means that you are drastically shortening the lifespan of your air conditioning system. Even if your air conditioning system is able to last, it won’t ever perform at the cooling level it should. Short cycling is one of those problems that seems fine but is really an urgent issue. Contact our team to fix your problems.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling

Trust the team that has serviced Chapin and the surroundings since 1985. We have more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. If you’re having a problem with short cycling, we’ll pinpoint the issue and solve the problem in a timely manner. We understand how high stakes air conditioning issues are in the summertime. You never have to worry about the quality that you’re getting when you come to our team however. We pride ourselves on our superior quality work. Come to Fulmer Heating & Cooling “Where Quality Counts.”

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling for the best air conditioning repair services in Chapin.

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