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Do You Have Enough Insulation in Your Home?

For some reason, many homeowners tend to most closely associate the insulation in their homes with the chill of the winter season. Perhaps this is due to the fact that we insulate our own bodies with layers of clothing during that season as well, which is obviously not a common practice during the summer season. You really should keep in mind, though, that your insulation plays just as vital a role in the summer season as it does during the coldest time of the year. If do not have sufficient insulation in Chapin, SC, you are not going to be able to live as comfortably as you deserve with the efficiency that you demand this summer.

Why Is Great Insulation So Important in the Summer?

Insulation performs a vital function in our homes all year long. In the winter, of course, it prevents the heat generated by our home heating systems from seeping out of our homes. However, remember that heat is naturally going to try to move toward cooler environments. That means that it will try to make its way into your home uninvited during the summer season, when you are cooling your home with your AC. This can lead to increased cooling costs, as you struggle to keep up in the fight against unwelcome heat transfer, as well as a lot of unnecessary strain on your air conditioning system.

Do I Need Insulation Services?

If you’ve always struggled to enjoy great efficiency from your heating and cooling systems, despite good efficiency ratings on the systems themselves, you may not have sufficient insulation in your home. The insulation that you do have may also be of a lower R-value than is needed. This is the rating that denotes how efficient different insulation products are. If you have recently noticed that your house is hotter in some areas than others, or if your indoor air quality is dropping, you may also have deteriorating insulation, or insulation that has been chewed up by vermin. If you have any concerns at all about the integrity of the insulation in your home, be sure to dial our number so that we can evaluate the situation.

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