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Proudly Serving The Columbia Area Since 1985


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We Are a WaterFurnace GeoPro Dealer!

We are big advocates for geothermal heating and cooling systems here at Fulmer Heating & Cooling. While our relatively mild winter season means that using a heat pump of any kind — air source or ground source — is worth considering, geothermal heat pumps really set themselves apart when it comes to achieving great efficiency without sacrificing one iota of comfort. We also set ourselves apart when it comes to the geothermal services that we offer, as evidenced by our status as a WaterFurnace GeoPro dealer!

Whether you need a brand new geothermal system installed, or an existing system repaired, we’re the professionals to call. Do not hesitate to dial our number. Working with us means that you’ll enjoy efficient comfort all year long.

What Is a WaterFurnace GeoPro Dealer?

WaterFurnace is a leading manufacturer of quality geothermal heating and cooling systems. In fact, they manufacture and sell more geothermal systems for homes than anyone else in the industry. Their offerings are wide and diverse, and their dealers and installers are the most highly trained that you’ll find. This is where our team of geothermal technicians enters the equation.

While we are an independent business, neither owned nor operated by WaterFurnace, our commitment to excellence has earned us their coveted GeoPro designation. This means that we have committed ourselves to maintaining not only the highest levels of customer satisfaction, as our existing clientele know, but also employee training and overall service quality. Not every dealer is invited to join the GeoPro program, and those that are receive a rating based on their experience, training, and customer satisfaction. Our track record speaks for itself, which is why we are able to continue our great partnership with this manufacturer of great geothermal systems.

Give Fulmer Heating & Cooling a call today to learn more about your geothermal heating and cooling options in Prosperity, SC. 


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