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Electric Furnace Services in Columbia, SC by Fulmer Heating & Cooling

Do you own an electric furnace, or are you interested in using one in your home or business? Let us help you with all of your electric furnace needs in Columbia! With NATE-certified professionals on our staff, you can rest assured that when you call us for any help with your electric furnace, whether for installation, repair, maintenance or replacement, our pros are always up to the task. Just because electric furnaces don’t generate heat using a fossil fuel doesn’t mean these are systems anyone can work on. Electric furnaces are complicated electro-mechanical units that should always be handled by a trained professional, like the ones at Fulmer Heating & Cooling. Plus, our work is backed by 30 years of experience. There’s no reason to be without the heat you need from your electric furnace with the pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling on your side!

Need help with your electric furnace? Call Fulmer Heating & Cooling for expert, prompt service you can count on!

Why Choose an Electric Furnace?

It wasn’t too long ago that electric furnaces were once looked at as being pretty inefficient. These days, however, with new design and technological advances, an electric furnace may be the optimal choice for your home in Columbia. Why? First, not all homes have access to a main gas line, making it difficult to get natural gas to the house. Delivery may also not be an option, or it may not be desired. Another reason homeowners choose an electric furnace is to be more environmentally friendly, as an electric furnace doesn’t burn fossil fuel.

Efficiency is a big part of any heating system purchase and installation, and you can’t get much better than an electric furnace. Why? Many electric furnaces have an AFUE rating of 100% because they don’t lose any fuel to combustion byproducts. Electric furnaces also have longer average lifespans than a combustion furnace, lasting between 20–30 years while a combustion furnace typically lasts about 15 years.

Common Repair Calls for Electric Furnaces

Here are some of the more common repair calls we get from property owners with electric furnaces:

  • No warm air – if no air is coming through the vents in your home, there is most likely an issue with your blower. There could be a problem with the motor, with the limit switch, or broken fan belts that affect the rotation of the fan. In many cases, your furnace will turn off completely when the fan fails to turn on.
  • Furnace won’t start – one of the most common reasons an electric furnace won’t turn on is because of a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Breakers trip as a safety precaution; you can attempt to switch a breaker back the "on" position, but if you encounter a lot of resistance, don’t force the breaker – the resistance indicates that the breaker is overloaded.
  • Not enough heat – if your home isn’t heating to the correct temperature, the first item our technician will check is the heating element. If part of your heating element has gone bad, the coils can’t generate the proper amount of heat. Depending on the specific problem, a heating element may be repaired, but there is also a chance the element may need to be replaced. Dirty filters can also reduce the amount of heat coming into your home because a dirty filter restricts heat flow. Lastly, dirty or faulty ductwork can reduce the amount of air reaching your living spaces.

No matter your need with your electric furnace, the pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling are here to help!

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